Solar Home Review is an educational blog based in Canada created for the everyday person wanting to gain basic understanding about residential solar installation, and learn more about peak oil, global energy change and why renewable energy is so important today and for our future.

I created Solar Home Review in early 2009 for three reasons. One, I realized that the for-profit special interest news outlets we look to weren’t providing a comprehensive view of the ruling global energy industry (amongst other things), the decline of oil production and the rise of renewable energies within the global energy market. Two, I wanted to share what I was learning through my own research with others, as I began to realize that the average person I knew wasn’t talking about why energy change was so important to our global community.  Three, the trickle down affects of peak oil will impact us dramatically within the next decade and I want to talk about how we can prepare. I can take credit for only wanting to share what I’m learning in the hopes of making this vital topic more accessible for the average person.

Solar, wind and renewable energies in general are suddenly in fashion in our post 2010 world, but those that truly believed in them have been working to bring these smart energy technologies to the mainstream for decades.  Much credit is due the scientists, technologists, environmental champions and thoughtful politicians that have worked tirelessly to keep the ideas of solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and other renewable energies a reality when it wasn’t fashionable.

Renewable energy solutions like solar and wind for homeowners are accessible ideas, in that they aren’t terribly challenging to understand.  How complicated is the idea of a windmill generating energy or a solar panel absorbing light that converts to energy, once explained it’s pretty straightforward. What is unique and complex however is this space in history we are living in, that has forced us to abruptly focus on how we are living on the planet, and consider fully the impending consequences of relying on oil and coal on the truly massive global scale we are at - and that’s what keeps me writing.

I chose to be an advocate for solar energy specifically because it’s easy to have installed, energy efficient, clean, reliable, low maintenance and is easily adapted for small or large scale projects.  It can also provide opportunities for community business ventures, creating jobs.  It’s a hands-on energy solution we can implement today that also positively impacts tomorrow.  Thanks for visiting Solar Home Review and feel free to leave a comment or share your thoughts and questions.  Your feedback is appreciated.  I can be reached at solarhomereview@gmail.com or use our contact form.

I’d like to thank our contributing writers in Canada from the Ontario Solar Academy, and Kriss Bergethon of Solar Sphere in the United States, the content they provide for our readers is greatly appreciated.

Anja Atkinson 
Editor & Solar Advocate

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A selection of video and film that examines the politics of global energy demands, the energy industry, peak oil and the renewable energy revolution. The unified message Illustrated in many of the films is our tenuous relationship with oil and other polluting energy forms as it relates to every facet of our daily lives, warning that our dependence on finite energy sources provides no future. It's made clear however that renewable energy solutions can in fact meet growing global energy demands and that much work is underway to this end. Feel free to share your comments about peak oil, renewable energy and what it all means to you by using our contact form. ----------------------

video and film