Japan Feed in Tariffs Set to Begin

Renewable energy subsidies are getting the green light in Japan according to Bloomberg. Japan’s trade minister Yukio Edano will be announcing the tariff rates this coming Monday, June 18th.  The proposed feed in tariff for solar electricity is 42 yen equivalent to .53 US cents, per kilowatt-hour, on a 20 year term.

Are We Facing Tipping Points, or Willful Blindness?

The idea of systemic tipping points has been referenced in many books and articles in the last decade. This commonly used term has applied when discussing the decline of environmental or man made systems – the collapse of highly organized, interdependent communities that have reached capacity or are facing decline.

Michael Ruppert – To the Wilderness and Beyond

The only thing constant in life is change, and accepting that fact does offer it’s comforts. Michael Ruppert has left CollapseNet and ventures into the Wilderness. Many of us have difficulty with change, it’s uncomfortable. Michael has been working to provide expert and well researched news analysis for over three decades. He’s predicted economic and energy collapse with accuracy long before anyone was really talking about these ideas. Today he recognizes the next step of his work and has decisively followed his spirit to resign as founder of CollapseNet, and move on to new work. This post is a salute to him.

Energy Ethics in America

One can’t talk about the global energy industry without honestly facing the status quo lack of energy ethics in today’s markets. In the US and many other countries the interests of energy power brokers are winning, over what’s in the best interest of the public and our natural environments.

5 Solar Village Projects

The idea of a solar village is one that’s breathed imagination and innovation into countless communities around the world. Whether it’s state-of-the-art solar design or powering a tribal village in Africa, solar technology is demonstrating that we can replace unsustainable energy systems with viable solar alternatives and be more successful because of it. To illustrate, we’ve highlighted five solar village projects showing how solar technology is uniquely transforming communities around the world.

What Does a US Solar Panel Tariff Mean For You?

contributed by Kriss Bergethon owner of Solar Sphere

The US Commerce Department has found that China provided trade incentives on Chinese made solar panels for the US market, and that this was unfair to US solar panel manufacturers. The Commerce Department is in turn charging a solar tariff on all Chinese imports of modules starting this summer. Here are some insights to help understand the dispute and what it means for consumers.

Installing Your Home’s Solar Panels Yourself: Is it Worth It?

Guest post

These days just about everyone is a DIY enthusiast. Though a project done DIY often saves you money, it’s also a matter of time, expertise and whether or not the job will be done correctly versus having a professional do it for you. When it comes to solar panel installation, there is a hefty debate on whether or not homeowners should take on the DIY task of installing panels themselves versus hiring a professional solar installer.

Marine Solar Power

From sailing to sports fishing, marine solar power solutions can make your boating experience considerably quieter and safer. Marine solar technology provides self-sufficient power and lighting solutions around the world, considered a reliable standard in offshore power for both industrial and commercial markets. Today a wide variety of marine power needs are being met with high performance offshore solar applications in Coast Guard safety lighting, Oil and Gas Rig lighting as well as Marine navigation aids. Avid leisure boaters can also choose from a selection of marine solar products including state-of-the-art solar boat designs, solar panels or complete marine solar panel systems.

Outdoor Solar Lighting in the Great White North

Millions of Canadians spends much of the year living with very cold temperatures in snow up to their necks. We receive much less daylight in the winter and tend to spend a lot of time getting to and from places in the snow in sub-human lighting conditions. This means electric bills are much higher for most Canadians, anywhere from four to six months in the year. For homeowners in Canada extreme weather means we are always looking for the best home maintenance solutions and home service companies like Garaga, that sell garage doors in Ottawa, where winters are typically extremely cold. Extreme weather means things like garage doors need replacing or upgrading, roofing repairs are normal and reliable outdoor solar lighting – well it just needs to be really reliable.

energy video

A selection of energy movies and video that examines the politics of global energy demands, the energy industry, peak oil and the renewable energy revolution. The unified message Illustrated in many of these films is our tenuous relationship with oil and other finite energy sources as it relates to every facet of our daily lives, warning that our dependence on non-renewables provides no future.

energy video

Nuclear Waste Documentary